Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brand New Items!

Brand new items are coming into Mulberry Toys everyday now! A few of our favorites...

Bilingual Zingo
The original Zingo has been a hit with every kid we know...& now we have it in Spanish! What a great way to practice some basic Spanish vocabulary...Bingo with a Zing (or Bingo con un Zing!).

Sticky Mosaics Riding School

Sticky Mosaics are always popular at Mulberry. Ponies are also very popular. Put the two together...what could be better? Comes with four designs that are sure to please your little horse lover!

Lemon Lion Fuzzy Friends

This cheerful Lion is a great new addition to our baby room! You can't help but smile when you see his bright stripes, polka dots, & happy face. Also check out other new Alex Jr. favorites like the You & Me Mirror, Discovery Car, Lemon Lion Busy Blankie, & Busy Ball!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Week's Favorites

First...Back Sacks by Crocodile Creek! These are waterproof and great for summer outings to the pool and lake! Back Sacks come in many different colors and designs for both boys and girls...dinosaurs, butterflies, vehicles, planets, & more! Pair with the matching Stainless Steel Water Bottle for a great birthday gift!

Next...Mini Chic Fashion Designer by Shure. Exactly what the young up-&-coming fashion designer needs! I saw this at Toy Fair in New York back in February & wanted it for myself! Includes stencils, paper "fabrics," & tons of ideas! Not only is the Fashion Designer fun, but it also teaches about color theory, careers in the fashion industry, etc.

And last, an old favorite...Lincoln Logs. When it's just too hot to play outside, come in & build a log cabin! Sure to please kids of every age!

Stop by Mulberry Toys & check out these & all of our other favorites!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mulberry Favorites

Ever feel overwhelmed when you walk into a store & want every single thing there? Well, we're here to help! The sensational staff here at Mulberry will be picking favorite items to tell you about each week!

One of our most recent favorites is the Music Maker by European Expressions.

I love music, & I love to play music, but I despise trying to read music! Therefore, this is the perfect instrument for me! The Music Maker comes with 12 songs, a tuner, a pick, and even some extra wire. By simply slipping a song sheet under the strings, you can easily sound like a world-renown musician. Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch...but I think my family would much rather hear me play the many songs that I have perfected on the Music Maker instead of the one song I have memorized that I can play on the piano!

Next up is Melissa & Doug's Safari Floor Puzzle!

I love the vibrant colors and beautiful African landscape. With zebras, giraffes, elephants, hippos, & more...what could be better? The Safari Floor Puzzle is 100 thick pieces & measures over four feet long!

And of my all-time favorites, Alice the Fairy by David Shannon!

You may remember David Shannon from one of his other favorites like No, David! or How I Became a Pirate. I love all of his books, but Alice the Fairy is my favorite, hands (& fairy wings) down! Shannon tells the story of Alice, a young, spunky fairy. She is only a Temporary Fairy because "you have to pass alot of tests" to be a Permanent Fairy. Though she has not quite mastered the use of her wand, she is excellent with her imagination & manages to complete some very interesting spells!

Hurry over to Mulberry Toys to check out our favorites!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mulberry [muhl-ber-ee]


1. to decorate with brightly colored paints
2. to add pattern to a previously dull wall (polka dots, stripes, argyle, geometric shapes, retro designs, animal print, etc.)

We’ve mulberried the previously white walls of 235 South Main Street & are ready to throw some birthday parties & cool summer classes!

Check out our summer schedule here & stop by the store to purchase your punch card!

"Hi" From Your Mulberry Summer Intern

As a first-time Mulberry blogger, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Lindsey & I am the lucky girl who gets to intern with these fun people! I’ve worked with Mulberry for awhile, but now I am going to actually get school credit for it! I am a senior at North Georgia College in beautiful Dahlonega, Georgia & will graduate next May with a degree in English with a concentration in Writing & Publication (kind of North Georgia’s version of a Journalism degree).

I look forward to keeping you updated on all of the Mulberry events this summer as we prepare to launch our new addition, Mulberry Too!

Friday, May 1, 2009

We Tweet!

Yep, we're officially members of the twitter community. Our twitter name is what a stretch. Anyway, we're still learning and exploring Twitter's use but so far it's been tons of fun.
Please choose to follow us and you'll get updates on funny things that happen, new items that arrive.


Friday, April 17, 2009


I promised you some exciting news and I've made you wait long enough. I've been busy scaping dried paint off my elbows and asking myself why I wore my best jeans when I knew I'd be painting. So yes, we're back at it. I thought I'd washed out my last brush and put the rollers away forever, or at least a year, but progress can't be stopped. Michelle and I are in the process of "Mulberrying up" our newest project, a class/event/party facility called Mulberry Too. We can hardly wait for you to see it and hope you'll be able to join us for our Open House scheduled for the last week in April. I have to say it looks FABULOUS! We've learned a lot about decorative painting so if you want help let us know. (Of course, one thing we've learned is that it's tedious and time-consuming so be sure to bring your checkbook when you come to talk to us about painting for you because we'll probably charge about a million dollars, and trust me, that's a bargain!) So anyway, "the boys," as Michelle calls our husbands, are putting down floor this weekend and we have strict instructions to have all the painting finished by Friday at midnight. If you want to help, drop by Mulberry Too, located in the back of the Morgan County Citizen building. You can't miss us...the door is blue! Check your e-mail for the latest on our Mulberry Summer Program and call us when you're ready to plan the most fantastic, over-the-top, blowout party ever!