Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's slightly overcast here at Mulberry Toys today, but we've really been rocking. I never get tired of overhearing the conversations between our customers. You know the kind I mean. The conversations in which they speak so glowingly of Mulberry Toys. "This store has the best stuff!" or "Oh, I haven't seen a toy like this in years!" I overhear things like this all the time. Of course, it helps that I'm kind of lurking around. I am really good at that. I recently made a new soup recipe and took it to church for a special luncheon. After several people commented on the deliciousness (not sure that's a word, but it should be) of my soup, I decided to make the rounds and discover what other comments were being made. If I got to a table and no one was talking about it, I would casually say, "Hey, did anyone have the Creamy Chicken Soup?" And then the raves would begin. Yeah, I am really good at lurking. Not in a creepy, "keep her away from my children" kind of way. More like a "Wow, this lady is so nice and is such a wonderful conversationalist" kind of way. Michelle and I would love for you to stop in and visit with us. You'll love Mulberry Toys. Great toys...great conversations...everyday!


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  1. are crazy!!! You never cease to make me laugh!

    I want the recipe to that soup!! Also, I want to know what you used as substitutions...since I know that you are great about doing that with ALL recipes!!! ;)