Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Michelle vs. Vanessa

Michelle and I have really gotten into fitness. She's probably more into it than I am though. She told me this morning that she was doing Zumba moves through the local cemetery as she walked her dogs. One of her moves looked kind of like an ostrich to me, but I'm definitely not the expert here. When we go to our Zumba class, I stand in the back, doing my best to be invisible. The other ladies say, "Come on up to the front; no one's looking at you." Yeah, right...I know that's not true because I definitely watch them and let me just say that I'm not the only non-expert there. When the hour class is over, I am covered in sweat with a heart rate that would rival that of an Olympian, and I have been well entertained, mostly by my own antics. (BTW, never heard of Zumba? Check out

We're also crazy for racquetball. Michelle is teaching me. Nothing that requires any athletic skill comes naturally for me. That's probably why she likes to play with me. She told me today that although I lost (again), I'd made a valiant effort. My translation: "No matter how hard you tried, you failed and you'll never amount to anything on the racquetball court." (By the way, I immediately put the word "valiant" in my Book of Favorite Words.)

So I think that we will add a new dimension to our fitness in which I can excel and possibly even win. A spelling bee perhaps...

P.S. Just so you know, Michelle is one of my favorite people in the world and I thank God everyday that she is a part of my life. (Of course, sometimes I thank him while holding a small doll of her likeness and a cushion of pins in my hands.)

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