Monday, August 11, 2008

A True Mulberry Moment to Remember

First Day of Kindergarten
This entry was written by LaChelle our VP of Finance and documents her daughter's first day of school.

Well, she boarded the bus without any tears! She actually got on! I was prepared for her to refuse! I don't have any pics because she freaked out when I brought out the camera and was bordering on shut-down mode. I put down the camera, trading a picture for a calm departure. I will get pictures as she gets off the bus this afternoon. Hopefully by then she will be all smiles and forget that I have a camera in my hand a just be excited to be home.
When it came time to hand over the blankee she asked me to put it in the fridge for safe keeping. Why the fridge, I don't know. But I was willing to do anything to keep her calm and give up her blanket for the day.
Since I don't have any pics, I will fill you in with a visual. She had on black legging style shorts and a black Hello Kitty shirt with red croc-style shoes. Her hair was nicely brushed by daddy with minimal tears. Her backpack is half the length of her body and has her cute little lunch in it. There were no smiles from her as she boarded the bus, but she bravely walked up the stairs and turned left past the driver and walked down the aisle to a vacant seat. She then slid to the window and looked out with sad, "Why am I doing this?" eyes. I waved, smiled and blew her a kiss and I could see the tops of her fingers peak up over the window in a tiny wave. And her bus drove off down the to a land of reading out loud, crayons and play-dough.

Later that day.....
My baby has come back from the land of reading out loud, crayons and play-dough in one piece...and smiling! First day of Kindergarten was a success!
She told me that she followed some neighbor girls through the hall and they finally noticed she was following them and they helped her get to her classroom! How sweet!
She met a boy on the playground. His name is "Green Shirt" and he goes to our gym.
For some reason she did not eat the food from home and instead ate in the cafeteria...Not sure if they all did that or if she forgot it in the classroom. Maybe it was easier for them all to do the same thing? I will be emailing the teacher to see what happened. She actually remembered what she ate which is a new accomplishment! Last year in pre-K she ate "nothing" all year! Today she had pizza, chocolate milk and carrots. I have the menu now and they actually have roasted asparagus on the menu??! What happened to Veg-all? She'll actually eat asparagus though. She calls it "sportacus".
The little kiddos held hands in a long line to get on the bus in the afternoon. All the kids now have luggage tags on their bags telling their name, teacher name and the bus number and the stop they are supposed to get off at. Very cool!
Whew! Glad that is over.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome first day! Love your blog. My niece loves your store. Haven't had a chance to visit yet but look forward to it. I do have a few pictures of my niece and my young cousin from TN in your store playing with some of your costumes. I will have to drop by sometime and let you see them. oh yeah! Love the bubbles to when driving through town, what fun!