Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We've Moved to Main Street!

It finally happened. We got a little too big for our britches. Not really, we just got a little too big for our store. So we packed everything up and moved it around the corner to 137 S. Main Street.
It wasn't quite as easy as I'm making it sound. It took 5 weeks of preparation, construction, sweat, and a few tears....but that's another story. We really need to thank our incredible husbands for all the work they put into our new spot. We're all still washing brightly colored paint out of our hair and clothes.

We love our new location and can often be found Zumba dancing down the store's spacious aisles. We settled in so quickly that we've only just recently found time to look around and admire our handiwork. I can honestly say that it's a really cool space. We are so happy!

I'm including a few photos that highlight the incredible transformation.

Stop by and see us soon!


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